Soothing Therapeutic Massage
311 Exchange Avenue
Endicott, NY  13760
(607) 343-7180

Benefits of Massage

Improve Your Body, Improve Your Mind

Relax   Rejuvenate   Revitalize      
    Once viewed as a luxury, massage is fast becoming an accepted way to
    maintain a fit and healthy body especially when used on a regular basis.
    The two main goals of massage therapy are to relax the nervous system
    and increase blood flow to the muscles. Massage is beneficial for
    everyone. From the elite athlete to the back yard gardener, from infants to
    the elderly, massage can improve your overall state of being.  

                               Improve your Body,  Improve your Mind.

                                                  Advantages of Massage

    *Massage Therapy has many benefits: physical, emotional and spiritual.

    *Massage has been found to improve circulation, joint range of motion and   

    *Massage can reduce blood pressure, enhance the immune system and
    improve  posture.    

    Clents often report a sense of perspective and clarity after receiving a
    massage.  The emotional balance bodywork provides can often be just as
    vital and valuable as the more tangible physical benefits.

    If you are looking to relax completely from everyday stress, then call today to
    schedule your appointment.  Each session is created for your individual
    needs and goals.

                                Soothing Therapeutic Massage
                                    Located on the 2nd floor at
                                       311 Exchange Avenue  2nd floor
                                          Endicott, NY  13760
                                              (607) 343-7180

    Relax      Rejuvenate      Revitalize

“Marilyn makes you feel
relaxed the moment you
walk into the room.  As
she talks to you and
prepares you for your
massage, you can tell
that she really has an
interest in not only what
is going on with your
body, but also, who you
are.  You find yourself
feeling comfortable,
assured that you will be
receiving a wonderful
massage.” -
Erin, Endicott

“Marilyn’s touch is very
intuitive, soothing and
therapeutic.  Her
professionalism, ethics and
confidence were very
refreshing.  My massage
was awesome.” -
Sandy Creek